Choosing the Right Red Wine

What’s for dinner?  Wines are generally produced to complement food and choosing a spicy red wine really does depend on what you intend to serve up.  Personally I prefer foul, such as duck or pheasant with a spicy red wine but lamb is also just as good.

Anyone who has ever been in a supermarket will attest to the fact that the sheer choice of red and white wines can sometimes be more than a little overwhelming but like anything else in life I believe that experimentation is the key and will allow you to discover new wines that really suit your palette and the food you are serving.

If you are not that knowledgeable about wines do not fear.  My top tip would be to first determine what you intend to serve up and then go shopping for the wine to compliment that food. All good wine producers supply information that is printed on the bottle.  Apart from the usual information such as the volume of alcohol content there is some useful information that will help you choose the wine.  For instance it will tell you whether the wine is spicy or not.  It should also tell you the type of grape used and the flavors you can expect to experience from the wine when drinking it. Another important piece of information is the serving conditions, that is the room temperature, it should be served at.  Use this information and you will find that picking a wine is a lot easier than you think.

As I said, there are many varieties of wines to choose from but if you are looking for a nice spicy red wine then take a look at the video below.  In the video above, Tesco wine expert James Griswood looks at a number of different types of spicy red wines, what makes them spicy, and the different types of grapes used.  In the video James covers a number of wines including Rioja,Tempranillo and Marquis de Grignon.

Next time you are looking for a spicy red wine you will have a really good understanding of what you are looking for and certainly be able to appreciate the wine you have chosen to compliment your food.

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