Gelato is popular as a natural Italian ice cream which is served frozen as a sweet treat.  It is made with milk, cream, sugar and the flavor is given by using fruits and nuts. You can get gelato in more than 100 of flavors and is very natural since it contains pure and fresh ingredients. Besides, Italian Ice Cream Gelato contains a lot of fresh fruits and no preservatives are added to it. Moreover, no artificial fillers and flavors are added in it make it purely healthy. Due to addition of natural ingredients it contains low fat content and has a stronger flavor due to the natural ingredients. It is comparatively much heavier than same volume of ice cream since no air is pumped into it.

Gelato is a very popular ice cream in Italy and is usually taken after a heavy Italian meal. Its colorful appearance makes it visually appealing and increases its popularity. On almost all Italian occasions like wedding, birthday party and for entertaining friends and relatives variety gelato recipes and sweet desserts are extremely favorite. The popularity of gelato in the market has made it available in most of the grocery chains as a healthy alternative to ice cream. It is a unique dessert menu for most of the restaurants with bold flavors and endless recipes and is an appeal to both eyes and tasteful buds. Gelato is a perfect substitute for ice cream having low fat content and fewer calories. Gelato recipes are easy to prepare but delicious to eat and at the same time easily digestible.

Types of Gelato Recipes

It is a general liking for everybody to have some of the best gelato recipes after having a full course Italian meal and is not only delicious but easily digestible and hence the popularity of gelato is growing day by day. Some of the popular Italian Ice Cream Gelato recipes are custard cream gelato, triple chocolate gelato, peach gelato and strawberry gelato. Gelato recipes can also be made using a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides this, you can use fruits and vegetables combination to prepare some of the best gelato recipes like mango cucumber, banana beet, banana carrot, strawberry celery, orange basil, lime chilli mango, sweet corn thorntree honey and many more. You can also make gelato recipes with eggs.

Health benefits of gelato

Gelato is definitely a very healthy ice cream since it has very less fat content. Besides it is easily digestible since it is made from fresh ingredients and is very light. Being made from milk it is more natural than ice cream which is made from cream. Besides, it contains low calories and more flavor than ice cream since gelato is made from a lot of fresh fruits. Also, it is high in proteins since it contains milk and nuts and hence it is essential for human diet. It also contains high vitamins because of addition of lot of fresh fruits. Also, being made with lot of milk is a great source of calcium and is also good for non-drinkers. Hence the popularity and health benefits of gelato cannot be denied at all.

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