Bra DOP is a cheese made in the province of Cuneo, a rich land from a wine and food, historical and landscape point of view. It is a land deserving a trip if one wants to get in touch with the real hart of Piemonte. Here, links with rural tradition are still strong and the cheese making art has been passed down from generation to generation, thus making a unique product reach us. This land has many gourmet cheese varieties to offer, such as Castelmagno, Raschera and Toma di Murazzano.

Bra takes its name from the town which in the past was the main center for aging and selling this kind of cheese: it was renowned in Piemonte and in Liguria as an ingredient for pesto and it was even exported in America, thanks to its capacity to withstand many months of sailing,

Bra DOP is made with cow milk, with a possible addition of of sheep or giat milk. It has two varieties: Bra Tenero (Soft Bra) and Bra Duro (Hard Bra). It can bear theĀ  “d’Alpeggio” (made in mountain pastures) label if it is produced in mountain townships.

Bra Tenero has a light grey crust, a delicate scent and a soft and smooth flavour, which makes it perfect as an ingredient for baked dishes. Wines to match: Barbera d’Alba giovane or Dolcetto delle Langhe Monregalesi.

Bra Duro has a darker and thicker crust, a strong scent and a savoury taste with piquant notes: ageing lasts fromĀ  six months to a year. It is often used as a grating cheese, but is perfect enjoyed alongside a glass of Barbera d’Alba or Dolcetto d’Alba.

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